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Providing all round protection from tidal surges



Teamwork in Lancashire to stop the sea getting into four neighbouring homes

The problem:

In 2014, low-pressure, onshore winds and extremely high tides caused the sea levels at ‘The Shore’ Hest Bank to rise above an existing sea wall at the rear of four properties. These homes were also subjected to flooding from tidal surges at the front because the sea made its way around the buildings via an access road. In 2014, three properties were filled with up to a metre of sea water, destroying their contents.

Our solution:

Floodsafe Projects was commissioned to work with Stormeister Flood Protection and Lancaster City Council to demolish an existing wall and reconstruct a 60m long, 1.3m high flood defence wall to protect all four properties. This included:

  • new, steel reinforced foundations
  • steel reinforced, concrete infill, block wall to 1.3m high
  • gateway area at one property faced with reclaimed stone
  • other areas and entrances given a pebble-dash finish
  • reinstated raised planting areas within the gardens
  • hardwood flood gates fitted to three openings / private driveways.

The result:

The result was a secure flood defence for all of the properties, protecting them from the sea at the front as well as the back.

“It looks great,” said Oliver Wood, engineer from FCERM and Monitoring Regeneration and Planning Department at Lancaster City council. “I have been really impressed with the quality and efficiency of your work.”








If you’d like to know more about constructing flood walls to protect your property or business, or about any of the other work we do, please call David on 01995 238008 or email david@floodsafeprojects.co.uk