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  • Padworth PLP Scheme flood doors

Working together with Aquobex and West Berkshire Council to protect 26 properties.


Effective teamwork at the Lower Padworth PLP Scheme

The problem:

Aquobex Ltd, for whom we are approved installers, commissioned us to help them protect 26 properties in Lower Padworth (Reading) as part of a PLP scheme.

The estate, based in the Thames Valley, was at risk of flooding from the River Kennet and its residents were given the choice of a flood door or a flood barrier.

Our solution:

To ensure the speedy implementation of the flood protection measures, even before starting on site we worked together with Aquobex Ltd to survey the requirements of the homeowners and their properties.  We recorded the details required to place the correct orders. We also assisted Aquobex staff with the drainage NRV’s and the small building and sealing works during the procurement and manufacture period.

The work involved:

  • installing 45 flood doors
  • installing 34 flood barriers
  • installing a number of anti-flood airbricks at each property.

The results:

Floodsafe Projects are proud to be the Installation Partner of Aquobex Ltd. By working together in partnership we were able to ensure the solutions being provided to each homeowner were fit for purpose.


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