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  • Fully Integrated Flood Defence Wall
  • Heavy Duty Demoutable Barriers

Protecting a beautiful home by the River Severn 



Preventing more devastation from tidal flooding

The problem:

In January 2014, high spring tides and large waves combined to cause devastation across the River Severn catchment area of Shrewsbury, Worcester and Gloucester. The owner of a property in Upton-upon-Severn contacted Floodsafe Projects after his home and business were damaged by the flood. He commissioned us to provide an effective yet sensitive way of protecting his property, from which he also ran a business, from flooding in the future.

Our solution:

On arrival at the beautiful property overlooking the River Severn, we quickly realised the extent of the devastation caused by the flooding. Both the owner’s home, and his business of letting boats out to local tourists, needed protecting, and fast.  The owner wanted an effective solution but one that didn’t detract from the aesthetics of the property and could be removed at less risky times of the year.

So we installed a robust flood defence system that was sympathetic to its design and layout and included:

  • three flood doors
  • heavy duty durable demountable barriers manufactured by IBS Engineered Products
  • a fully integrated flood defence wall
  • a mini pumping station to collect and discharge surface water from within the walled area and the property basement.

The results:

Our customer is now able to stay in his home and not be threatened by flooding every 12 months.

Importantly, the team’s attention to detail, design capabilities and civil engineering background meant that the flood defence has minimal impact on how the building looks. The customer was really happy with the demountable barriers as they are effective at keeping the flood waters out but they can also be removed if necessary. Once removed, the entrance to the property looks as neat and tidy as it normally would.

Following our work in Upton-upon-Severn, our client then commissioned us to install a series of barriers and tanks at another property elsewhere on the River Severn.




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